Construction control

We carry out construction control in the process of construction, reconstruction, capital repairs of capital construction facilities according to the following control measures
Construction control is carried out during the construction, reconstruction, and overhaul of capital construction facilities in order to verify the compliance of the work performed with project documentation (including solutions and measures aimed at ensuring compliance with energy efficiency requirements and requirements for equipping the capital construction facility with metering devices for energy resources used), technical regulations, engineering survey results, and requirements for construction, reconstruction of a capital construction facility established on the date of issue of the urban development plan of the land plot submitted for obtaining a construction permit, as well as the permitted use of the land plot and restrictions established in accordance with the land and other legislation of the Russian Federation
The service includes
  • Checking the quality of building materials, products, structures and equipment supplied to the construction site to perform construction and installation work on the subject of their compliance with the requirements of design, working and regulatory technical documentation.
  • Verification of compliance with established norms and rules of warehousing and storage of used materials, products, structures and equipment.
  • Checking the availability and content of accompanying documents: passports, quality certificates, and other documents of the supplier (manufacturer) confirming the quality of materials, products and equipment supplied to the construction site for their compliance with the requirements of the design, working and;regulatory and technical documentation.
  • Verification of compliance with operational control, acceptance control, sequence and composition of technological operations performed, compliance with technological modes, compliance with the quality indicators of operations and their results, places of control operations, their frequency, performers, methods and measuring instruments, recording forms results, in accordance with the requirements of organizational and technological documentation.
  • Checking the availability, timeliness of maintenance and execution of executive documentation for completed construction and installation works, which are text and graphic materials reflecting the actual execution of design decisions in accordance with design, working and regulatory technical documentation.
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