Engineering services for the maintenance, registration and completion of executive documentation

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Executive documentation
Executive documentation is text and graphic materials that reflect the actual execution of design decisions and the actual position of capital construction objects and their elements in the process of construction, reconstruction, capital repairs of capital construction objects as the work defined in the project documentation is completed.

The executive documentation includes, but is not limited to these:
  • Acts of survey of the geodetic center basis of the capital construction object.
  • Acts of splitting the axes of the capital construction object on the ground.
  • Certificates of inspection of critical structures.
  • Acts of inspection of sections of engineering and technical support networks.
  • General and special work logs.
  • Executive geodetic schemes.
  • Executive schemes and profiles of sections of engineering and technical support networks.
  • Certificates of testing and testing of technical devices, systems of engineering and technical support.
  • The results of examinations, surveys, laboratory and other tests of the completed works carried out in the process of construction control.
  • Documents confirming the quality control of the construction materials (products) used.
  • A set of working drawings with inscriptions on the compliance of works performed in kind with these drawings made by persons responsible for the production of construction and installation works on the basis of an administrative document (order) confirming the authority of the person.
  • Other documents reflecting the actual execution of project decisions.
The requirements for the compilation and maintenance of the materials provided for in this paragraph are determined in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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