Geodetic support

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of executive documentation, which includes technical and production documents, for the duration of the work.
Following such documents, the customer and contractors will be able to ensure and confirm the construction control of the facility.
What is included
Our proposals within the framework of geodetic support include a single album of geodetic executive documentation, executive schemes for underground and aboveground parts of structures, executive schemes for underground networks and specialized works, executive schemes for center work.
  • Our specialists will carry out geodetic survey, including direct survey on the construction site, desk work based on the data obtained
  • a geodetic scheme will be drawn up, which will present the actual solutions, the objective location of buildings and individual parts at each stage of the work
Design of geodetic executive schemes
The executive geodetic scheme is a point of high and special importance, because based on the results of the geodetic survey of the elements of a construction object, the values of coordinates, distances between objects, linear and angular dimensions, bindings, diameters, slopes, marks and other geometric parameters that directly affect the success of the construction of the object are indicated. A properly drawn up and executed executive scheme allows you to determine the compliance of project documentation with the requirements of regulatory documents, assess the quality of construction, as well as apply construction elements to topographic plans.
Our specialists draw up geodetic schemes of any complexity during construction. We follow the basic principles, which ensures the best readability of the deformation of structures from their recommended parameters. Error reading eliminates the risk of human error during geodetic surveys and construction of facilities.
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