Audit of executive documentation

Evaluation by a professional team

Preparation and audit of construction executive documentation is an important point in construction
The executive documentation consists of text and graphic materials reflecting the actual execution of design decisions and the actual position of capital construction facilities and their elements in the process of construction, reconstruction, capital repairs of capital construction facilities as the work defined in the project documentation is completed
What is included
- The audit includes a comprehensive comprehensive assessment of the executive documentation for its compliance with the actually completed construction and installation works, the requirements of design, working and normative technical documentation, an assessment of the quality of issued documents (text and graphic materials), their availability, sufficiency and completeness of the volume of issued sets.
We offer the following services
  • Control of the reception of the center base and engineering systems;
  • Inspection of hidden construction and installation works
  • Certificates, documents on geodetic survey and laboratory control
  • Acts of intermediate acceptance of critical structures
  • Certificates of testing of systems and equipment
  • Conclusion on the correctness of the executive documentation
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